Cheese and yoghurt


Liddells is a brand that I have recently discovered that provide all of your cheesy and creamy goodness yet without lactose! Although they still contain dairy, they are free of the lactose which for me is the underlying problem. They are great substitutes and taste exactly the same to other options that do contain dairy.

I have additionally provided options of a completely dairy free cheese and a coconut yoghurt that are incredible substitutes, where you can barely even taste the difference.



I am not a cereal eater, nor do I like a glass of milk before bed, in actual fact I gag at the smell so replacing it for me was not a problem. I did though struggle when I wanted to make a smoothie, or a milk shake or even use it in some cooking.

There is stigma that surrounds milk saying it is not meant for human consumption and  additionally people question what on earth was the person doing who actually discovered milk. These statements have derived from vegans and those who are paleo and it has been an ongoing contest between doctors and nutritionists throughout the 21st century.

Miguel Toribio Mateas a Herbalife Consultant Nutritionist and Chairman of the British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy stated in an article published in The Independent that many have claimed that humans haven’t adapted to dairy but in actual fact the human body is one of the most adaptable organism and is relatively suited to its consumption. ‘There is mounting clinical evidence that some probiotic bacteria in fermented dairy enhances immunity. On that basis, I am all up for the use of full-fat fermented dairy, which is also a source of vitamins D, K and A’.

Following all these are claims that dairy is fattening and that it leads to obesity which Miguel claims as fabricated.

Below, you will see all of the dairy free milk options that are available in your local Woolworths. For myself, I have opted for the third photo you will see, which is an almond and coconut milk mix. It is a little bit sweet but also doesn’t have any over powering flavours of coconut or almond. Additionally, when craving chocolate milk or something creamy I tried Cocobella which is the first photo on the right. It is a mix of coconut water, almonds, cocoa and chia seeds. It is the perfect smoothie texture and also equally filling, a great breakfast substitute as well.


Chocolate and lollies

As you would’ve gathered from all of my other posts, I love sugar, I love chocolate, I love lollies, I love all things sweet. When you eliminate dairy from your diet, you don’t immediately stop craving those foods, in fact for myself I craved more. I knew I had to seek some other options. Below is a block of chocolate that is completely dairy free, allowing me to indulge without the IBS symptoms.

The Lindt chocolate picture below, is one of the darkest that they sell and it is so dark that it contains no milk or milk solids so is perfectly acceptable for a dairy free eater.


You may be thinking why on earth have I included Sour Patch Kids on this list, but they are actually vegan! So unlike many other lollies and sweet treats, they contain no gelatin and obviously dairy and are a good alternative if you eat a vegan diet.



My name is Piper and I meam a 20 year dairy looooover! But unfortunately my body can no longer process a little sugar called lactose. For the past year I have lived dairy free and this blog shows my adventure.

I hope to bring to you a range of recipes, places to eat as well as alternatives to your favourite cheesy foods!

Get started by reading my journey here  and finding out the ins and outs of being dairy free.

Any questions, do not hesitate to ask, just fill in the comments box.

Piper x