Chocolate and lollies

As you would’ve gathered from all of my other posts, I love sugar, I love chocolate, I love lollies, I love all things sweet. When you eliminate dairy from your diet, you don’t immediately stop craving those foods, in fact for myself I craved more. I knew I had to seek some other options. Below is a block of chocolate that is completely dairy free, allowing me to indulge without the IBS symptoms.

The Lindt chocolate picture below, is one of the darkest that they sell and it is so dark that it contains no milk or milk solids so is perfectly acceptable for a dairy free eater.


You may be thinking why on earth have I included Sour Patch Kids on this list, but they are actually vegan! So unlike many other lollies and sweet treats, they contain no gelatin and obviously dairy and are a good alternative if you eat a vegan diet.



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