Vegan festival 2016

This weekend Victoria Square was home to the annual vegan festival that runs from 5th-6th November attracting a variety of plant based eaters.

The mission of this festival is to celebrate, promote and provide education on living a happy, healthy, compassionate and sustainable vegan lifestyle.

Apart of living a vegan lifestyle is the non-consumption of dairy, and we thought this festival would be the perfect opportunity to discover a few local businesses providing dairy free goods.

The first stop of the day was Raw Karma. Raw Karma is a healthy raw organic plant-based cake business that has a fortnightly stall at the popular Market Shed.

This cute stall provides foodies with a range of flavoured bliss balls, cashew mylkshakes, cakes, slices and most importantly donuts.

Raw Karma provides you with the flavours of chocolate, caramel, strawberry, cookies and cream and much more without dipping into the world of dairy products.

This stall with its ‘Instagram worthy’ products showed much popularity amongst the crowd with a lineup for their delicious goodies ever present.

The next stop was at Small delights, a cake, cupcake and cookie specialist that provides both vegan and non-vegan desserts.

The floral and quaint set up was appealing for the eyes and the stomach, serving rich and filling desserts to the hungry Adelaideians.

Although Small Delights only had cakes, cupcakes and cookies on sale at the festival; the company provides catering and can also create vegan wedding cakes in a range of flavours.

Of course there were many more stalls. Ranging from food, drink to advocacies, skin care and clothing. Each standing for one of the best causes this world has ever seen.

We are so grateful for the vegan festival; opening up our minds to sweet and delicious options that we never knew existed. Most definitely looking forward to next year, and especially if they have puppies to pat, will be there in a heartbeat.


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